A Virtual office
for remote teams

Virtual office that allows you to see who’s online and speak to them directly.


IRU is a new support tool for remote working, offering seamless interaction that allows you to work as if you were in the office.

Provides constant connectivity without URL-sharing

‘I don’t really need a full online meeting, I just need a quick chat’ — IRU helps resolve this kind of remote working issue.

Allows users to move freely around the virtual office as if it were a real office

The virtual office allows you to move to any room at any time without URL-sharing.

See who’s available and who’s not at any given moment

IRU uses a web camera to automatically determine who’s present and who’s absent, giving instant information about the status of a specific individual in the virtual office.

Start a conversation simply by saying
‘Turn on the microphone’

Unmuting the microphone by talking allows you to start a conversation easily when you need to.

Automatically mutes the microphone after the conversation ends

Forgetting to mute your microphone is a constant concern in remote working. IRU uses voice recognition to detect the end of a conversation and automatically mute the microphone.

Main function

Plan (available from 2021)

We are currently offering IRU for free of charge for a limited time.



1 user / month (excluding tax)

Users: Unlimited
Voice call: Unlimited
Video call and screen-sharing: Unlimited
customer support



1 user / month (excluding tax)

Users: Up to 5
Voice call: 5 hours a day
Video call and screen-sharing: Not included
customer support: Not included


Question 1

Please tell me the operating environment.

Compatible with MacOS and Windows 10 Chrome browsers. It does not support Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Question 2

I'm worried about security.

IRU provides services through highly reliable and secure data centers. All communications are encrypted with the latest SSL / TLS and WSS. For more information, please see Security.

Question 3

How long does it take to get started?

If less than 100 users, it can start on the same day. If more than 100 users, it may take about a week.

Question 4

How is it different from a web conferencing tool?

Conventional web conference tools are for communicating with participants at a scheduled time. In contrast, IRU is a tool for easy-start conversations with any member of the company at any time. As such, IRU is not suitable for meetings with people outside the company.

Question 5

How is it different from Slack or Chatwork?

Slack and Chatwork are mainly tools for asynchronous communication, in which messages can be written and read at any time. In contrast, IRU is a tool allowing people to ‘chat now’ via audio or video. The apps serve different roles, and can be used to complement each other.

Question 6

Can a user disable their attendance display?

The attendance display can be turned on and off by each user, depending on whether they wish to use it or not.

Free trial

IRU is a new support tool for remote working, offering seamless interaction that allows you to work as if you were in the office.